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A motorhome is the perfect way to attend your next event! A motorhome provides a convenient, comfortable and cost effective way of both getting there and having somewhere to stay. Local hotels often hike their prices over these events due to high demand. 

Whether your preference lies with motor sport, equestrian events, football or you even fancy a trip to France for the 2024 Olympic Games, we may have a van for you. 

events our customers hire vans for

motor Sport

Silverstone F1 - Goodwood Festival of speed - Goodwood revival - Silverstone Moto GP - Motocross events and many more

equestrian events

Cheltenham Festival - Royal Ascot - Aintree - Badminton HT - Burghley HT - Gatcombe HT and many more


Six Nations - RWC




Our top tips

When people ask me how long things will ask, the answer is simple, it depends how much you use it. Being aware of how much energy and water you are using and monitoring levels goes a long way. When arriving make sure you know what amenities are available to you, do you have a fresh water supply close by? Is there somewhere to empty the toilet cassette? You can then use the facilities accordingly knowing what's available to you for topping up or emptying.

  • Electric hook-up - You may not have electric hook-up, so you will be relying on the leisure battery and gas supply to run the amenities such as lights, taps, hot water, fridge and cooker. Just be aware on how much the amenities are being used, make sure lights are turned off, vent speeds are kept low and use the shower sparingly. Consider bringing a battery pack to charge phones and other electrical appliances you have brought with you. You may need to start the van once a day for 30 minutes to charge the leisure battery.
  • Water - Once parked up you may be unable to move the van until the day you come to leave. A hose pipe is included to top up the fresh water tanks but this is unlikely to reach the fresh water supply. If this is the case, you will need to be careful with how much water you use. Showers use a large amount of water and energy, so you may want to use it sparingly. Alternatively, for a small fee, you can hire one of our aqua roll containers. This will help with transporting water from the supply to the van.
  • Waste management - We require toilet cassettes to come back empty and clean. If waste disposal is not available to you on site the cassette will need to emptied off site at a disposal point. The cassette should last a couple of days, again if used sparingly, you will be better to use toilets on site where possible.
  • Park to escape - Arrive early so you can bag yourself a prime spot. If you are not allocated a spot you want to choose your space carefully. Where is the best place for a quick escape when it comes to leaving the site?  Can you park somewhere close to the amenities? Try to avoid parking at the bottom of a hill, if the ground is wet, you are more likely to get stuck. Try and park as level as you can, for a better night sleep more than anything, we do provide levelling ramps if your spot is on a slope.

  • Turn off + lock up - Energy conservation is your main priority when staying off grid. Make sure everything is turned off when not in use. This includes lights, water pump, hot water and heating (if required). When leaving the van it is important that all windows are shut, cab doors are locked and the habitation door is locked. If you are attending the event as a group please do not leave the key out for the late returners. The key must be kept safe or in your possession at all times.

Please feel free to get in touch if you wish to discuss your motorhome needs and dates.